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PATSTAT user day presentation

Session 1 – International patent protection and trade

Brian Wright (Berkeley), Siwei Cao (Beijing Normal University), & Zhen Lei (Penn State)
Speed of patent protection, rate of technical knowledge obsolescence and optimal parent strategy
Presentation slides

Kamil Kiljański (European Commission)
Patent Supplementary Protection Certificates and pharmaceutical investment: Cross-Country Evidence


Session 2 – Entrepeneurship and firm growth with a patent data lens

Arvids Ziedonis (Stanford University & Boston University)
The Private Value of Patents for Entrepreneurial Firms: Evidence from Medical Devices, Semiconductor Devices, and Software

Jan- Bart Vervenne & Bart van Looy (KU Leuven)
Small business and economic growth: delineating the impact of Schumpeterian entrepreneurship in Europe using patent statistics
-Presentation slides

Isamu Yamauchi (Meiji Gakuin University) & Sadao Nagaoka (Tokyo Keizai University)
– Effects of First Patent Acquisition on the Corporate Growth
– Presentation slides


Session 3 – Patent Quality and Value

Yoshimi Okada (Hitotsubashi University)
The Screening Function of International Search Reports
Presentation slides

Alan Marco (USPTO), Joshua Sarnoff (DePaul University) & Charles deGrazia (University of London)
Patent Claims and Patent Scope

Andrew Torrance (University Of Kansas) & Jevin D. West (University Of Washington)
Are Litigated Patents More Valuable

Mark J. Thompson, (ETH Zurich)
The Value of International Patent Protection: A new look


Session 4 – Trade marks, brands and geographical indications

Dirk Crass (ZEW), Dirk Czarnitzki (KU Leuven) & Andrew A. Toole (USPTO)
The Dynamic Relationship between Investments in Brand Equity and Firm Profitability: Evidence using Trademark Registrations

Hazel Moir (Australian National University)
– Geographical indications EU policy at home and abroad
– Presentation slides

Angelina Bruno (Dept. of Industry) & Luke Meehan (IP Australia)
If trade marks lead business confidence in Australia, can it be forecast reliably
-Presentation slides


Session 5 – Patents, Standards and technology development

Justus Baron (Northwestern University)
– The Casual Effect of Essential Patents on Follow-on Innovation Related to Technology Standards

Gaétan de Rassenfosse & Emilio Raiteri (Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne)
– Technology Protectionism and the patent system strategic technologies in China
– Presentation slides

Heng Geng (Victoria University of Wellington), Sandy Lai (University Of Hong Kong) & Harald Hau (University of Geneva)
 Technological Progress and Ownership Structure



Amanda Scardamaglia & Mitchell Adams – Registering Non-Traditional Signs as Trade Marks in Australia: A Retrospective

T’Mir Julius, Gaétan De Rassenfosse & Alfons Palangkaraya From Technology to Market: Revelations from an IPC-Nice Concordance Table

Vera Jahn & M.F. Steinhardt – Innovation and Immigration – “Insights from a Placement” Policy

Bassem Awad & Marsha Cadogan – The Politics and State of Play of Geographical Indications in Preferential Trade Agreements

Tetsuo Wada – Divergent rejection reasons and grant decisions: evidence from the trilateral patent offices

Jeremy de Beer, Erika Kraemer-Mbula & Sacha Wunsch-Vincent – Book Launch: The Informal Economy in Developing Nations – Hidden Engine of Innovation?

Jeremy de Beer – Evidence-based IP policymaking: An integrated review of methods and conclusions

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